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Data Transport Solutions from Sorrento Networks

Financial Data & Security

Data is at the centre of every organisation. Modern financial systems & applications sometimes demand higher performance than those from ordinary service providers. Highly secure, low latency and high capacity. Unusual protocols such as Fibre Channel, which is used by 96% of banks, retailers and airlines to secure customer data, supports over 30 billion transactions taking place each day.
Sorrento offers a full suite of tailored solutions for the Finance industry, featuring bandwidths from 1G to 4G to 16G to 100G – complete with encryption and featuring, speed of light low latency operation over short medium and long distances – 1m to 1000km.

Data Centre Connectivity

Data Centre strategy requires connectivity. Without it all that space, power and cooling does not provide a useful solution. Bandwidth demands are increasing exponentially, whether for consumer media content or disaster recovery for businesses, only fibre connectivity can satisfy these demands, delivering almost unlimited bandwidth around the building, campus or WAN.
Sorrento’s network solutions provide end to end control, visibility, security and of course capacity in the Gigabit, 10Gigabit or 100Gigabit range. Don’t just leave it to a an ordinary carrier, take advantage of fibre.

Enterprise Solutions

The needs of modern enterprise networks are increasing just as those are of the consumer market. Many of the drivers such as a need for multimedia content are the same  but even more important are web-centric applications such as Office365 GoogleDocs, online CRM systems and so on. Enterprises also need to take care of security from hacking and data security standards such as GDPR. Sometimes the office network can feel like the weak link in the chain rather than providing users with a smooth experience.
Fibre systems help enormously with enterprise connectivity, whether around the building, across a campus or across the WAN, Sorrento solutions are tailored to provide just that.

ISP & Mobile Network Connectivity

ISPs have many needs, whether a National ISP requiring backhaul capacity, or a local ISP wanting to deploy Fibre to the Home Premises or Office. Future proof capacity and capability is at the core of Sorrento solutions. We provide FTTH solutions with Gigabit end user capacity, backhaul/fronthaul connections for Mobile networks in the 10Gigabit range, or multi protocol Leased Line capacity in the 1Gigabit, 10Gigabit and 100Gigabit range.
With our expertise in all optical networks we can even mix these different requirements on the same physical fibre – providing a true multi service and even multi tenanted fibre network solutions.

We can work with you to design a dark fibre network that:

Solves problems you are facing now

Reduces costs and increases efficiency

Optimises user experience

Provides a quick return on investment

Prepares your network for future demands

Free Audit
  • Reviewing your WAN and current bandwidth needs
  • Identify problems and issues you have on your current network
  • Assessing what data and voice services you are using to connect locations
  • Find out about dark fibre availability in your location
  • Discuss your network plan for the next 5 years

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