Network Training

Executive management and senior staff sometimes do not have the technical background in fibre networking that could be very beneficial in order to understand the real coalface issues involved with fibre network deployment and operation.

This course is highly customisable to individual organisational needs but its focus is to provide not only the and understanding of the ‘problem space’ but also to provide business insights into the art of the possible with this technology, such as market applications and the impact on local development plans.

Delivered in easy to understand terms we take you through different fibre networking variants and their applicabilities in different markets.

Network Design

Optical fibre network design can be complex and its technology variants have many different requirements. Furthermore, since real fibre networks consist of a lot more than just fibre, not only with technologies such as GPON and DWDM but also with Layer 2 Ethernet, security, and upward facing handoff interfaces to other ISPs and network operators. We tailor content to align with your business application and cover the different elements such as fibre attenuation and distance rules, latency, capacity, service termination, network management, user authentication and many others besides.

Test Equipment

Testing and test equipment is a vital resource for network operation in fibre networking where there is likely not a simple command line interface to use. We cover matters such as fibre loss and reflections and OTDR operation used to identify & locate fibre faults. Even network management systems can be used in order to extract vital information on fibre performance.

We provide case study examples and recommendations on suitable physical equipment as well as best in class processes that should be used in their operation.

Fibre Deployment

Fibre deployment covers a wide range of activities depending on the installation environment. Whether it is street works permitting, trench digging micro-duct deployment practices, or in building fibre connection management, we provide insight into the practices, technologies and products involved.

We focus on your chosen installation environment style to provide best practice processes and advice.

Network Management 

Network management is often undervalued and misunderstood within networks of many kinds. Even the definition of network management is is sometimes a bit vague. We explain how network management can extend all the way from simple fault detection and management, through to network configuration, service creation, and integration to higher level systems. Even SDN is included within this category and we explain how these options pertain to the various equipment types and technologies found within fibre networks of many kinds.

Installation Design

Fibre installation can be a complex area if one is to make the most of the dramatic capabilities that fibre has. Installation practices equipment types, record keeping and maintenance process management are all important matters that go well beyond the deployment of fibre cables.

We aim to establish best practice principles and seek to avoid some of the pitfalls that can sometimes occur.

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